Thermal renovation

Administrative building of Vicat cement factory in Montalieu (Isère, France) has been selected for CONIPHER demonstration, for a deep thermal renovation of the façade.

thermal renovation

CONIPHER demonstration will take place in Montalieu (Isère, France), where Vicat owns its largest cement factory. Administrative building is presenting a complex patterned façade, making CONIPHER installation challenging and demonstrating the adaptability of the solution on a wide range of concrete buildings.

The 46m long (17m wide and 7m high) building is presenting 800m2 of façade to be renovated. Three sides are going to be equipped with active panels (SE, NE and SW), while lower illumination NW façade will be entirely equipped with inactive opaque panels.

The building will be occupied during all the duration of the renovation, which will be a good opportunity to demonstrate advantages of CONIPHER easy and fast installation.