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LIFE CONIPHER Thermal Retrofitting Photovoltaic Production

Projet LIFE14 CCM/FR/000954

The CONIPHER project aims to develop an innovative envelope for the deep renovation of buildings. The CONIPHER module incorporates a non-combustible thermal insulation material, protected by an ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete facing. The innovative fixing system allows rapid and modular assembly and installation, as well as the functionalization of the facade for the production of renewable energy using photovoltaic panels.

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The CONIPHER concept tested on FACT

The FACT Tool (FACade Tool) is a large-scale research facility for the evaluation of building envelope components, available on the CEA-INES platform in Bourget-du-Lac, France. The FACT tool is designed to evaluate opaque and transparent components of the building envelope, as well as systems and entire buildings. It is intended to help design more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The tool allowed the validation of the CONIPHER concept thanks to the chrono-analysis of the installation and the monitoring of the thermal and energy performances of the system.

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Thermal renovation of a building from the 70s


Located in the Vicat cement plant in Montalieu, the administrative building houses the control room and the laboratory. Its complexity makes it an ideal support for testing the modularity and adaptability of the CONIPHER system. Its importance to the plant justifies the need for rapid installation.